Oct 11, 2023

It's a bird! It's a plane! Nope. It's the Jumbo team's first ever monthly newsletter 😱

It's a bird! It's a plane! Nope. It's the Jumbo team's first ever monthly newsletter 😱


Now before you go and click that unsubscribe button and have FOMO for the rest of your career, let's share 5 bullets on what this newsletter will give you:

✨ Success stories - Businesses big and small have been crushing their marketing goals with Jumbo Mail. 12.6% average conversion rates. Some campaigns getting over 40% conversion rates?! We want to share the magic with you.

👔 Business updates - We’re investing in new tools and operations to enable your business to grow faster. We’ll be sharing them with all of you.

🛠️ Tips and tricks - We think about direct mail marketing, all day every day. So we’ll be writing more and sharing tips and tricks with you all to help you succeed. You can find these in our resource center.

💰 Deals - We love our customers and want to see your businesses thrive. That’s why we’ll release occasional deals just when you needed a little bump in your marketing.

😂 Laughs - If we can’t brighten your day with a laugh then this newsletter is pointless. We’re harnessing our inner Chris Farley (would have been a Jumbo ambassador for sure!) and digging deep to brighten your day.

So in that spirit, let’s wrap up this newsletter with a quick deal. To celebrate the launch of this newsletter for our Jumbo family, we’re giving you 10% off any order through the month of October 🎃.

That’s right! As long as you pay that invoice before October 31, 2023, you’re getting 10% back! That’s $300 dollars (or 12 Bob Ross Chia Pets worth) on a $3000 order. This will be our only deal of this size this year.

If you’re interested, feel free to email us at contact@jumbomailmarketing.com or reach out to us on our new website!

Alrighty folks! It's been a blast unveiling the first-ever Jumbo Mail monthly newsletter, and we promise it's only gonna get better from here! 🎉

So, grab your coffee, get ready for those conversion-boosting tips, prep for a good chuckle, and don't forget to cash in on that sweet 10% deal (Bob Ross Chia Pets not included, sadly)!

Stay legendary, stay Jumbo-tastic, and we look forward to growing your businesses with you!


The Jumbo Team 🐘